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Judy Mintze Original Artwork

Fishers, IN

"Abstract Paintings/Modern Wall Sculptures"
I’m a self-taught artist who enjoys painting with different applications of paint, textures and mixed media to canvas. Color studies replace traditional forms of content in my art, and the balance and contrast of color become the second focal point of my paintings. My work is a process of layering, pouring, scraping off, scratching into the surface, leaving traces of earlier information, a build-up and overlap of successive stages which my viewer’s attention continually adjusts in order to consider the various perceptual possibilities within the subject. The paintings reveal themselves slowly, asking you to explore each successive layer underneath and to examine the relationship between space and depth, presence and absence. The biggest difference is my approach. I undertake each painting with a predetermined idea of the outcome, I've started to let the pieces unfold on its own and, as a result, the work has come to me a lot easier. Letting the process guide me in revealing the painting, rather than "painting" the painting. I’m inspired by everything in my environment my studio is designed for promoting serenity and concentration. I hope this soothing and sense of calm and control translate into my work.
Wescover creator since 2020

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