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Bilbao, Spain

"creating exciting places of art"
Juanjo Novella, 1961. Public Art Artist.
Artist linked to Public Art since the beginning of his career.
His long career in this field, 37 years, have endowed him with a very special criterion about how to intervene in the city as well as various models of action in the public sphere.
He has participated in important regeneration campaigns of the urban space, in Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid ... and is the creator of other Urban regeneration campaigns through art, such as “Eibar polita jar zaitez” Bilbao, “Espai per la no violencia” Barcelona etc. He is also the creator of sculpture parks projects where he makes a group composition a kind of choral style of all the sculptu- res, which can be figured out individually but also as a total unity, as parts of a sole symphony, of a coherent whole.
He has given lectures on public art and taught master classes at universi- ties and art centers around the world including: Texas Tech University, USA, Sheick Zayed University, UAE Tsinghua University, TW, Asan Si Symposium, South Korea, QuingDao, Jimo city, China 2010, etc.
His sculptures are featured all over the world.
Novella understands sculpture in the city as a place, beyond the mere artistic object.
He works with complex membranes inspired by nature, where light is a very important part of his work and the the sun becomes a collaborator to create spectacular shadows.
One feels protected within his works. You cannot stop looking at the surroun- dings through the sculptures.
The work of Juanjo Novella projects prestige and a timeless yet contemporary feeling, his pieces, although large, are very light visually and establish a very human and close dialogue, they invite approach.
Novella understands public art as a peremptory necessity of our society and nowadays as the most effective antidote to making globalization sustainable and bearable. A special tool to enhancing and beautifying life.
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