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Juan Pablo Reyes

Los Angeles, CA

"I don't represent no colors, I represent my sisters and brothers..."
Juan Reyes was born in Mexico and immigrated to the United States at a young age. Finding a community in The San Fernando Gardens, also known as the Pacoima Housing Projects, he grew up the oldest son in a family of 6. After years of teenaged turmoil and violence (including a gun wound), he has overcome adversity using his hands, his brushes, and his heart.

In high school, Juan pursued his interest in the arts into a world beyond gangs and vandalism. Since then, he has won numerous contests, worked alongside some of Los Angeles' premier artists, and produced murals from Woodlake, CA to South Central Los Angeles. He employs his peers while painting in schools and in communities, he is a living example of positivity overcoming hardship and he is leading the way for coming generations. "I don't represent no colors/ I represent my sisters and brothers," says Juan.

Attending Valley College and working is a dream that doesn't always come true for immigrants, but after a long struggle aided by social workers, fellow artists and community members like Isabel Rojas-Williams, he has a legal status that allows for him to work and attend college.

The future has no limit for Juan Reyes and indeed, mural mile - Los Angeles is thankful for his contributions.
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