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Joyce Owens

Chicago, IL

"If One is Good, More is Better. (I work in series, usually.)"
“Joyce Owens is a painter and sculptor who creates free standing sculptural works and masks/constructions. Her two degrees are an (MFA) degree from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut sand BFA, from Howard University in Wash., D.C.

Owens is a figurative artist who wants people to look beyond the outer layer of skin, and search the many levels of personality and humanity within. To look beyond the masks — the many faces we all wear. She wants people to appreciate, in particular, the range of surface appearance among African-Americans and then look longer and deeper to find the beauty, both obvious and hidden.

"I am known as a figurative artist deciding the most important work I can do is to address issues around race and gender. I wish racial issues had been resolved by now and we understood that we are all humans, but until it goes away and I am alive I will look to educate people how the ignorance that perpetuates these ideas." = Joyce Owens”
Wescover creator since 2019

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