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Joy Hernandez Art - JoyTheStampede

Indianapolis, IN

"Smooth tonal blends; inky outlines; blown up big on walls; with an eye towards the hope of Outer Space."
Joy Hernandez is an artist originally from Illinois, now residing in Indianapolis. For canvas paintings, Hernandez uses aerosol and stenciling techniques to tell the story of her Bean the Astronaut character, stylistically utilizing an educational background and lifelong interest in animation. Translated to a wall, Hernandez values the clean color blends through aerosol and the crisp, sharp, yet fluid lines of her stencils and translates those aspects with brushes onto walls. A "space nut" since she saw Apollo 13 in theaters, and raised with a strong family culture in Star Trek, Hernandez created Bean, named after artist-astronaut Alan Bean, to be anyone with that childlike wonder and sense of hope when they look up to outer space.

After five years as the gallery manager for the Art Bank, in Indianapolis, Hernandez left to found the Full Circle Nine Gallery cooperative, also in Indianapolis. She's been a participant with the annual traveling mural group Walldogs for nearly a decade, assisting in historically-referenced murals in small towns across America, in an effort to boost 'art tourism' in those towns.

"Painting on walls offers a unique set of challenges. I enjoy the challenge of designing for a certain area, as well as logistical efforts such as dealing with the surface type, the paint, potentially the environment and weather and the physics of execution (like ladders, lifts, or other necessary setups). There’s also the thrill of having my work up on a wall for so many to see, and the soft pressure of people watching me while I work on the piece and overcome the challenges. If they’re for fun, or as a commissioned piece, or as part of the Walldogs gatherings, I enjoy seeing my brushwork come to life on a wall to brighten the viewer’s day."
Wescover creator since 2020

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