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Jose Agustin Andreu

Chicago, IL

Jose Agustin Andreu’s personal and poetic imagery is a contemporary marriage of surrealism, expressionism with an Eastern philosophy and a Puerto Rican soul. As well as recreating historical masterpieces, Jose makes paintings, prints, mosaics, murals and virtual sculpture.

Andreu’s work documents the morphology of identity. His artistic investigations are demonstrated through several modes. One consists of scenes formed by paper boats and depicts relationships and group dynamics. These narratives explore hope and melancholy, belonging and isolation. In community murals, paintings and prints, they emphasize social diversity and unity.

Another mode is the abstract illusionism of “Hope, Memory and Desire”, a series that uses times of day, seasons and weather as analogues to emotions. The series of prints also includes shaped canvasses and explores the relationship between self and environment. The series is a study on structures of consciousness.

A third mode concerns figurative expression combining history and culture. “Death of a Teenager” is a triptych that comments on the racism and killing of youths of color within our culture. It focuses on the interrelation between individual spaces in a common environment. The work is a meditation on memory, language, and interconnectedness.

Jose Agustin Andreu has exhibited in the United States, Mexico, Cuba, Italy and Spain and currently teaches painting at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
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