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Jorge-Miguel Rodriguez
Jorge-Miguel Rodriguez

Jorge-Miguel Rodriguez

Miami, FL

Jorge-Miguel Rodriguez is a native Miami artist and designer. He believes that art is his greatest form of
self-expression and individuality. Jorge-Miguel’s greatest happiness in life is being able to live each day creating and innovating new ideas. He finds inspiration from human interaction and emotions. His style varies from different mediums such as but not limited to street, pop, and abstract art.

Jorge-Miguel is always excited to find new ways of expressing his dreams and ideas with the world. He believes that people have different ways of expressing themselves through art. He loves to collaborate with other artist to experience and share new ideas. Jorge-Miguel always encourages younger artists to always believe in themselves, remain positive and never stop following their dreams. Through the years, he has seen how far he has come and how much he has grown creatively. Everyday he feels he has learned from yesterday and looks forward to living his life to his highest creative potential.
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