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Jordan McDowell | Fine Artist

Melbourne, FL

"Bold and Vibrant Watercolors"
Jordan is a full-time artist and illustrator whose main focus is vibrant color. She saw a need for bright, bold, and charged art in people’s homes and began there. Her collections often reflect where she is at a given moment in her life and the space around her. She aims to touch upon those influences in hopes that others’s too will find a shared experience.

She began her studio in Asheville, NC overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains and that greatly influenced her first couple collections. Now, she splits her time between Malmö, Sweden, Florida, and NYC.

Bold color is a common thread throughout her work but she does like to change up the subject matter quite a bit. Life has too much to paint to just focus on one thing so she often explores florals, landscapes, and food. Watercolors are her materials of choice but she also works with gouache.

She is currently accepting a limited amount of commissions.
Wescover creator since 2020

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