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Jonathan Todryk - Paintings and Art
Jonathan Todryk
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Jonathan Todryk

Dallas, TX

Born July 14th 1984 in Minneapolis Minnesota, Jonathan now lives and works as an artist in Dallas Texas with his wife and kids. Growing up in a home filled with his father's paintings, he developed an interest in art at a young age. He became intrigued and began drawing comic characters, sports figures and later portraits. The first painting he ever completed was created at the age of nine with both he and his father. Those childhood memories became seeds planted that would later grow and move Jonathan into pursuing his love for art and painting. Jonathan stopped painting at the age of eighteen and instead pursued a career in music which eventually came to an end and left him looking for work. His life seemed to lack passion and intent and he began searching for his purpose. In January of 2017, after some encouragement from friends and family, he began painting again. Since then he has created many works of art that have been sold around the world. In a short amount of time Jonathan has already begun exhibiting his work around the country and has developed a large following through social media. His work has been featured with numerous accounts like ( @abstract.mag, @minute16 and @todaysartreport ). His work has also been published in @unvaeljournal magazine issue 4.