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Jonathän Jouan Studios

Copenhagen, Denmark

I spent my childhood in the French Breton countryside where I grew up with the folklore stories of my region. This past gave me the chance to develop my imagination, as I believe that dreams are a source of inner development. With the time, a passion for the different worldwide folklores, especially the Japanese one, started to take me. So I naturally went to University to study Art history. I learned a lot about the meaning of works, the meaning of iconography and much more, but I felt that something was missing.

In this search for the missing piece I went to Montreal, Canada, where I enrolled in the School of Art Cabinetmaking (EEAM) and where for the first time things made sense. The transformation of material, and more particularly wood, and the constraints linked to it, allowed me to fill the practical lack that Art History had not brought me. So I explored different techniques, whether through design or pure art, trying never to forget the meaning of things.

So, in 2017, I opened my own business, Jonathän Jouan Studios, in Montreal. In my creations, I design and create furnitures and objects using various techniques of cabinetmaking. Many of these techniques were taught to me, but some, such as straw marquetry, have been integrated into my creations through self-taught learning. Finally, after graduating in 2020, I moved to Copenhagen to develop my technique and style in a different world than North America.
Wescover creator since 2020

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