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Jon Koehler Sculpture

San Diego, CA

"I make straight, heavy metal elements appear to be light with fluid lines. Master craftsman specializing in hard to form stainless steel."
By creating sculptures, Jon has found the journey to be just as important as the destination. In the craftsmanship of his stainless steel sculptures, Jon is pushing the boundaries of metal engineering. Jon’s extensive knowledge of metal allows him to breakdown the elements with the manipulation of welding and fabrication. Bringing opposing forces into equilibrium, turning cold hard steel into a graceful poetic sculpture.

The continued exploration of “opposites in balance” is what
fuels his imagination and continued creative pursuits. Each sculpture having a unique sense of fluidity, balance and visual harmony of flowing lines.

Making the immovable move, making heavy medium appear light, is the dichotomy of Jon’s work. Creating from a pure source of exploration, his objective is to bring the viewer into a new world, transporting them to a place of peace and contemplation.
Wescover creator since 2020

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