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Jolynn Jeppson Forman - Murals and Art
Jolynn Jeppson Forman
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Jolynn Jeppson Forman

Provo, UT

"I have always enjoyed creating whether it was a tower made out of junk as a child to the best treehouse on the block as an adult. Art gives me that chance to create something meaningful; something that can touch another person’s soul. I especially enjoy combining up to two wonderful styles of art, abstract and realism, into a new way that uses the best of both. Abstract’s emotional freedom combined with realism’s narrative aspects together forms a new way to look at things and find new beauty in something that has been depicted again and again in the traditional ways.

I also love teaching my craft! There is something magical in seeing the pride that comes across a young person's face when they realized they just created something awesome from a blank page hours before. ART MATTERS! It decreases anxiety, boosts self-confidence, and teaches a way of thinking that cannot be found in math or English class. I currently teach high school art and I believe those kids need me and art in their lives no matter if they become doctors or ditch diggers.

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