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Cypress, CA

"Maker of fine succulent pottery, each one different, each one special."
I always enjoyed working with my head and hands, hands work helped me through college, and long after college I went back to working with my hands, working with clay.
Garden Walks sparked my interest in collecting plants and that led me to want to make planter pottery for cactus and succulents, they had become my favorite photographic subject matter.
Cactus and succulents, clay, photography, they all seem to mesh together, well the cactus and clay seem to mesh best of all.
The pots are all handmade, I have many sources of visual inspiration, most of it comes from nature, but a bowl of ramen noodles was what inspired the workings of the top right clay pot. The other two share a fall out from that inspiration.
Wescover creator since 2020

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