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John Wigmore

John Wigmore

Los Angeles, CA

“John Wigmore is a lighting designer and artist whose work combines elements of sculpture, painting, and installation. Influenced by Minimalism and the Light and Space Movement in Los Angeles in the 1960s and ‘70s, and working primarily with wood, Japanese paper, and incandescent light, he began making light sculptures in New York City in 1993. Since then he has worked closely with established architects, designers, and a large number of individual patrons, in creating works of art that enhance both the visual and experiential quality of the spaces they inhabit.
About his work, John says, “I would like the ethereal quality of my light sculptures to unite the space between object, architecture and viewer, offering an experience that is both visually compelling and contemplative in nature. Ideally, my pieces create a comforting space within which one can pause, come back to oneself, perhaps experience a moment of clarity. Although it is not always obvious, all of my sculptures reflect my feeling for landscape and the sea.””

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