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John Pomp

Philadelphia, PA

"The Living World of John Pomp"
With an attentive eye for beauty and an unwavering discipline for craft, John Pomp has spent over 20 years perfecting the art of making glass. Classically trained in the Murano glass tradition, but inspired by the organic imperfections found in nature, John’s furniture and lighting pieces reflect the sophistication and beauty of a true artist. Each piece is not only finely crafted, it celebrates the hands that brought it to life. Located in the heart of Fishtown, Philadelphia’s vibrant artistic and creative community, John Pomp Studios has grown from a small team consisting of John, his wife Anne, and one full-time employee, into a cornerstone of the neighborhood, with a full-time staff of over forty working craftsman and artists. The studio operates as four material disciplines under one roof, with artisans devoted to glass, metal, wood and leather. Dedicated to the utmost standards of quality, each piece is produced completely by hand in the studio—even a lot of the equipment and tools used are custom-designed and built.
Wescover creator since 2019

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