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John Osgood

John Osgood

Danville, CA

"My paintings act as a piece of amber saving moments in time and preserving memories and emotions."
Osgood is a contemporary painter, muralist and illustrator who grew up in Edmonds, Washington and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Washington State University and minored in Fine Arts. Osgood has created murals all over the west coast and in the UK. Osgood has exhibited in multiple galleries across the US including, 111 Minna Gallery, Brian Marki Fine Arts Gallery in Portland & in Palm Springs, Center on Contemporary Art, Washington State University SEB Gallery, Todd Art Gallery at Middle Tennessee State University, Voss Gallery in San Francisco and more. He has been commissioned by clients including Aegis, Chicago Title, Microsoft, Pratt Fine Arts Center, Rhapsody, Seattle DOT, Verity Credit Union and Uber among others

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