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John Houshmand

New York, NY

"John Houshmand was born an artist in 1954. Raised by a Dutch-American mother and an Iranian father, John has always danced between Eastern philosophy and Western principles. He was cultured at an early age, spending his youth abroad in the Philippines, Great Britain, Iran, and Israel.

Educated at Yale University, John received a BA in Art History in 1978. In the midst, he explored the worlds of professional photography and ceramic arts, featured in gallery exhibits and major publications. Because working with his hands proved a natural extension of his inner vision, John immersed himself in an assortment of artistic realms. He studied under the direction of Erwin Hauer, Professor Emeritus of Sculpture.

John's inventive essence and exceptional life experiences have harmonized to produce his latest masterful creation. His current endeavor, JOHNHOUSHMAND, involves designing and crafting an exclusive line of functional art, ironically disguised as furniture. John's work embodies the simplicity of Eastern aesthetics, a vibrant celebration of nature, and a deep reverence for all things esoteric. John is Commander-in-Chief of this entire operation. His unique relationship with the natural world has manifested into a 900-acre farm in upstate New York, which is where he creates his furniture today."
Wescover creator since 2018

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