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John Himmelfarb - Public Mosaics and Public Art
John Himmelfarb
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John Himmelfarb

Chicago, IL

“Himmelfarb is one of the most respected artists of the Midwest. His work spans virtually all mediums, including painting, drawing, and printmaking, as well as sculptures in metals, ceramics, and found objects. His current and continuing series of works focuses on trucks as a subject. In Himmelfarb’s own words, “These works are not about trucks but about us, our histories, skills, coping mechanisms, ambitions and character.”

John Himmelfarb, son of Eleanor and Samuel, is a painter. Born in 1946 in Chicago, Illinois, he grew up in a household of artists surrounded by their art and the countryside that inspired them. John finished his undergraduate studies at Harvard University in liberal arts with a major in architectural sciences. He opened a studio in Chicago in 1970 and has worked primarily in Chicago since that time.”