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John Brennan

London, United Kingdom

Artist - Painter - 1st prize winner ArtGemini Prize 2015. Not the Director of the CIA.

Emotional and contextual conflict is the underlying focus of most of my painting. As an artist, I’m fascinated by a subtle sensation that I’ve come to recognize and regard as a visual paranoia of sorts. It can manifest itself in a wide range of subject matter, the common denominator being a sense of the uncanny or enigmatic. It could be a landscape that feels both uplifting and menacing at the same time, a micro facial expression that reveals underlying darkness, or a posture that implies both invitation and rejection. I find these tensions compelling.

I work from a mix of my own photographs, found images and video stills, either transcribed intact or altered to form new scenes. Through the painting process, a dialogue takes place, whereby I selectively heighten or modify the qualities that first caught my attention.

The fiction and popular culture of my childhood and early teenage years continue to shape my interests to the present day. Whilst the result is a seemingly disparate range of subjects, in my own psyche these subjects are all connected and inhabit a single interior world.
Wescover creator since 2020

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