Johanna Mueller - Art & Wall Decor
Johanna Mueller

Johanna Mueller

Greeley, CO

"Driven by concept, steeped in symbolism, my work delves into the shared histories of humans, as told by animals. Borrowing from Native American, Aboriginal, Hindu, Buddhist, Biblical and other ancient cultural traditions, I find the similarities in story and symbol across cultures, and use animals to invigorate a renewed sense of humanness."
I am an artist, primarily working in printmaking (my first love) and mixed media. My work involves painstaking engraving to achieve the details, and then many layers of color in various mixed media. I have a BFA from the Metropolitan University of Denver, and an MFA from George Mason University. I teach printmaking techniques, and exhibit my artwork across the United States. I work with select galleries, curators and art consultants to place my work in private homes, hotels, and other commercial spaces. People say my work is semi-spiritual or other-worldly, if it intrigues you, I would love to work with you!
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