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Joey Free - Murals and Art

Joey Free

Boston, MA

"My art is wry colorful and very abstract. I focus on contrast, bold lines, and provocative imagery that allows the viewer to entertain a variety of personal interpretations."
Joseph Koury, also known as “Joey Free” is an abstract artist based in Boston, MA. Joey has been expressing his artistic interests with markers and crayons since he was a young boy, but did not choose to make it a career until May 2016. After traveling to Hawaii and reconnecting with his passion for art, Joey realized that his purpose is to create and to give back, which led him in choosing to make it his career.

Joey’s work covers a wide range of artistic expression. Although best known for his acrylic paintings on canvases and on skateboards, his work includes everything from Oils, Watercolors, Pen and Ink drawings, Collages, Photography and Spoken Word/Poetry to Hip-Hop, Urban Apparel and Graffiti. Clients include: One Gig Co..(Downtown Crossing, Boston MA), Channel Fish Co. (East Boston MA), 617Living@1 Canal Street (Boston MA), Self Made Designs Clothing Co. (Quincy MA), Harlem Haberdashery (Harlem NY) and more.

The intention behind Joey Free’s artwork is to empower and enroll people in the possibility of creating a new vision, both for themselves and also for the planet as a whole.
Wescover creator since 2019

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