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Joel Mitchell

Darwin, Australia

Growing up, I was heavily influenced by one man: an artist, architect, nature lover, permaculture gardener, black smith, wood worker, antique collector, traditional tools expert, meccano nut, and my creative mentor - my Dad.
He grew up in a family of artists and craftsman, where creativity was valued and nurtured.

He mentored me (as his father mentored him) and as I grew, we worked on many creative projects together. I learnt, practised, failed, tried again, and developed skills – all alongside my Dad.

I grew up in the Blue Mountains, NSW climbing trees, catching reptiles, camping, exploring the bush, rock-climbing, canyoning and mountain-bike riding.
Adventure. Wildlife. Wilderness. Risk. Creativity - all were a part of daily life.
I grew, I moved, I’m now a Dad of wild, creative kids.

The merging of passion, skills, imagination and time, now culminates in being a full-time artist.

My kids watch me. Work along side me. Create with me. They also love Adventure. Wildlife. Wilderness. Risk. Creativity. I mentor them.
Wescover creator since 2019

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