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Seoul, South Korea

"Graffiti, Streetart, Calligraphy"
The Artist has created his own definition of expressing the media and style by adding the Oriental Korean elements through his various Street Artwork operations.
Through the artist’s personal interests in various cultural beliefs and Shamanism, he has focused in bringing the diverse cultural characteristics into his own symbolism. As a result he has successfully created a whole new way to express a “spiritual figure-god/demon” in his unique characterization of the korean alphabet.
The fictional characters shown in his painting are set to represent figures in the spiritual realm however are also clearly visible over naked eye. The artist candidly displays such mystic characters in the open streets of seoul and on Korean tradition paper “hanji” through his unique parade of patterns and symbols.
Thus his paintings implicitly deliver the artist’s desire to draw fortune through his contrasting expression of the good and the evil, enshrined in the hope of capturing the misfortune of the viewers.
Wescover creator since 2020

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