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JMel Art

Austin, TX

"Art & Design"
Jesse Melanson is an American, mul1disciplinary contemporary ar1st. His eclec1c styles of work explore rela1onships
between beauty, dynamism, new media, and how we can and do experience space and 1me. As an ar1st
Jesse aims to inspire interac1ve curiosity and construct valuable moments that adapt and work as a contribu1on
towards our worlds evolving environments.
For Jesse, his art is an upliBing adventure into the ways in which we consume visual informa1on. It allows us the
opportunity to take a new approach into how we experience and interact with the universe around us. Jesse’s diverse
applica1ons are united by his mo1va1on to use visual arts as a catalyst towards inspiring everyone to grow,
build, and recognize dreams within themselves.
Wescover creator since 2020

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