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Jessica Angel

New York, NY

Working with the paradox between traditional media and the digital image, in order to expose an analogy between the real and the virtual, I juxtapose elements; the vast vs. the minute, black and white against color or the curved lines of non-Euclidean perspective to a precise reticule of pixels.

The research that currently nourishes my practice digs into digital physics, astrophysics, information sciences, architecture, philosophy and the theory of complex networks. I find in these studies evidence of the existence of patterns in phenomena of different essence, scale, and source, and proof that information lies at the core of everything we perceive. I attempts with my work to expand our conscience on these ideas.

The involvement of the community in my projects has increasingly taken importance and it can be described into two categories; on the one hand, the making of these large installations requires labor extensive efforts that I am achieving by finding interns and volunteers to work under my guidance, making of these production processes, a learning experience for a younger generation of artists. I aim to transcend my ideas of art as one of the three main branches of knowledge along with philosophy and science. On the other hand, my transformative spaces are set as a canvas for collaborations and interventions from innovators in different fields. By inviting people from the disciplines of astrophysics, sound design, interactive technologies, performance art and music to take part on my work, I activate the installations opening the possibilities for collective interaction to happen.
Wescover creator since 2020

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