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Jenny McGee Dougherty - Murals and Art
Jenny McGee Dougherty
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Jenny McGee Dougherty

Portland, ME

“I am a visual artist and textile designer based in Portland, maine. my work is influenced by my surroundings, but i am particularly interested in the places where nature and repetitive human action unconsciously collaborate. Through painting i am seeking to draw attention to subtleties in our collective landscape that can serve as metaphor for something greater.

I am interested in the intersection of humans and their environment, both natural and built. The repetitive use of public spaces and the marks that are made, both intentionally and unintentionally, over time become a living record of the movements and actions of individuals collectively inhabiting this space. Within our understanding of the allotment of space, we often overlook the places that we use the most, while also dismissing these spaces as utilitarian or banal. When graffiti gets covered up with several shades of a neutral color, a new image and a new meaning becomes part of our landscape. I am interested in how these places that belong to everyone get woven together and how they evolve as metaphor.” = Jenny McGee Dougherty”