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Jennifer Urquhart

Portland, OR

This all started at my childhood home on ten acres in Washington state where I grew up next to a creek, a handful of cows. We had a tool for everything and the only spirit is DIY! This translates nicely to this strong Portland culture of DIY, re-use, and recycle, and the place I now proudly call home!

Pieces are done on recycled plywood. Paints are old, recycled and mis-tints. Colors are self-mixed and saved in jars. Frames are milled and built by me. First I sketch and then I etch. Colors are then decided and added in layers between rounds of sanding and scraping to reveal a landscape that, for me, evokes the many beauties of the Northwest.

My tools: belt-sander, chop saw, table saw, pull saw, Dremel, planer, multi-tool cordless sander, nail gun, compound miter vice, various needle files, sandpaper and steel wool.
Wescover creator since 2019

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