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Jennifer Maravillas - Murals and Art
Jennifer Maravillas
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Jennifer Maravillas

Brooklyn, NY

Jennifer Maravillas is a visual artist and illustrator living in Brooklyn, NY. She received a BFA in Communication Art and Design at the University of Louisville, 2006 and an MS in Mass Communication at Virginia Commonwealth University, 2008. Her work and studies focus on land: how we build our societies as repositories of information and culture for future inhabitants; how our relationship to land shapes us as individuals and communities. Jennifer uses a wide range of media such as watercolor, found objects, textile dyeing, and block printing to create her portraits of cities, land, and cultures. She is working on a long term (lifetime) project in which she is walking every block in New York City collecting paper and trash to place on a map of each borough. Her poster, “Our Bodies, Our Minds, Our Power” was distributed during the Women’s March on Washington and worldwide through the Amplifier Foundation in 2017.