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Jeffrey Sincich

San Francisco, CA

"Handmade quilts and textiles"
I am inspired by the built landscape around us and how we interact with it, whether it’s where I live or is a place I have traveled to. Handmade signage, architecture, long standing storefronts and other human made alterations of a place are all intriguing to me. The interaction of these elements and how they make us feel directs the subject matter of my work. Signs offering repair work, storefronts selling useful products and architecture that shows signs of use and wear all offer an insight into how the everyday works. I believe these things are worth celebrating, as they are what create the fabric of the places that we live.

My work uses quilting and found objects to represent the feeling of comfort, tradition and history. Like a handmade quilt, elements of the urban landscape offer people a sense of place, belonging and safety. They both have traces of the hand that created them and are unique in their own ways. They can be displayed, passed down, altered, mended or discarded. They each represent a part of their community, surroundings and history and offer different meanings for anyone who lives with or around them. My goal is to highlight these elements of the world we inhabit.
Wescover creator since 2020

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