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Jean Rooble

Bordeaux, France

"Yes, that's spraypaint..."
Self-taught artist, Rooble - Jean, of his first name - draws since his childhood.

Born in Versailles (Fr.) in 1981, he grows up in Bordeaux (Fr.) where he lives and works.

Bathed in the culture hip-hop since the end of the 90's, he begins graffiti in 1999. He works at first the lettering, then the character, and quickly gets noticed. In 2008, he decides to dedicate itself completely to his art and created the association Les Frères Coulures.

Fascinated by the clear / dark, he excites the light by a work ceaselessly renewed by the color and the research for strong contrasts. Between illustration and realism, he explores in his works of the universal and humanist themes, letting express, sometimes frankly, his sensibility and his need to put the human being in the face of himself.

Inspired by the technical precision of Ingres or De Vinci, he takes as reference of the precursory artists of the current young ultra-realist and the illustrators stemming from the graffiti as Alex, Aryz or Mode 2 …

He now evolves towards the creation of mobile installations in two dimensions, without abandoning his paint sprays, decomposing literally his subjects on supports multi-facets.

Worn by his practice he gets involved in numerous cultural actions such as workshops, the realization of performances, the organization of events or the international cultural exchanges.
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