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Jay Howell - Murals and Art
Jay Howell
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Jay Howell

San Francisco, CA

“Jay Howell is an artist working out of San Francisco, California. He is the original character designer for the Belcher family on Bob's Burgers. His art is featured in The Demo. While he does not do any other work for Bob's Burgers, he is currently working on Sanjay and Craig for Nickelodeon and has recently had a book of his artwork published.

In a moment of inspiration, Howell sketched out the idea for a cartoon called “Punks Git Cut.” A longtime participant in the Bay Area’s punk scene, Howell was so taken with the concept that he wrote and illustrated the entire zine while sitting in the tub. He photocopied the finished product and scattered copies to the wind.
“That was the start of it,” Howell says, explaining that he began producing zines on a regular basis. “Back then I’d leave them in skate parks, coffee shop bathrooms — I’d leave them everywhere.”

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