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Jay F. Coleman

Washington, DC

Jay Coleman / Per-a JAHLION KMT is one of Washington D.C.’s finest painters and portrait artists.
Grandson of Ethel Ramos Harris composer and concert pianist, he was always surrounded by music,
Art, and creative people. He picked up his first paintbrush at age 2, painting canvases to match his aunt
and uncle’s en vogue aqua-lavender home and has painted ever since. Jay spent the next 15 years
tracing, copying, and studying every detailed piece of art that he could while making a name amongst
his classmates as the artist of his peer group. He furthered his education by attending Morehouse
College (90-94), The Corcoran School of Art and Design (95-99), and Howard University for Masters
Studies (00-01). During his time at Morehouse he underwent an African Rites of passage with KMT
asen fraternity and received the name Per-a KMT upon its completion. His “aunt”, Lois Mailou
Jones (longtime friend of his grandmother and world renowned artist), discovered Coleman’s genius
and adopted him as her protégé . It was during this time friends began to call him JAHLION (God’s
Lion). Accordingly, this new name Per-a JAHLION began to adore.
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