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Jason Heuer - Wall Hangings and Paintings
Jason Heuer
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Jason Heuer

New York, NY

Jason Heuer is an Art Director, Designer, and Artist living in Rockaway/Queens/NYC. He holds a BFA in Advertising & Design from the School of Visual Arts and was Associate Art Director and Recruiter at Simon & Schuster publishing house from 2004 to 2015. Currently he is Principal at Jason Heuer LLC, a design and art studio, as well as a Typography Teacher at SVA, a Guest Lecturer at multiple schools throughout NYC, and a General Encourager of creativity and ideas.
"My solutions are driven by concept, leading to projects that involve typography, photography, and illustration, sculpture and installation. Wherever the idea leads, I follow. I am an Architect of Curiosity. I want people to look, touch, participate, wonder, and react. I believe in the intelligence of the participant, consumer, and client. That is why I create."