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Jason Eatherly

Austin, TX

Jason Eatherly is a celebrated American contemporary fine artist residing in Austin, TX. The fully tattooed, two-wheeled enthusiast is one of the most conscious, caring and peaceful artists you’ll come across in the scene today. Since his youth, Eatherly has been enveloped in the world of art, BMX, music, and bringing positive attention and awareness to urban spaces.
Originally hailing from Kansas, making it to Dallas for a few short years and arriving in Austin in 2012, his journey has not been one for the faint hearted. His greatest inspiration is dedicated to his grandmother, Deb Anthony. While growing up he witnessed her “living out of a garage and struggling to pay bills working as a professional clown.” The life of an independent artist is that of frequent trials and tribulations and being able to learn from them and grow. “The effort, creativity, and expression my grandmother put into her art was beyond inspiring. She was the spark I needed at an early stage of my life, witnessing her going through the hardships in life, having to bear with them, and turning them into the best possible outcome was a gift that has led me to become who I am today.”
Eatherly has spent endless hours in the studio, copious late-nights in the streets, and years of crafting his unique style in hopes that he may encourage a smile from his viewers. He brings joy and wonder through his art and is “in the business of creating lasting impressions”, recently moving from street art to cultivating original fine art.
If you’ve seen the infamous Queen Elizabeth wearing the gas mask around town, you’ve witnessed Jason’s moniker. His iconic imagery and avante-guard interpretation of urban decay has forged him into one of Austin’s most notorious contemporary artists. Jason is known for his love for the beautification of lost spaces, his transparency, and the courage and commitment to trying new and different things. His ever-evolving style has moved from stage to BMX tracks to streets and now to galleries and public spaces around the world.
His career would not be where it is today without a few special and influential individuals along the way. He graciously states, “my fiancé and manager, Sarah, my fellow local artist and inspiration, Brandon Snow, and my old BMX partner, Tom Dugan all played an integral part of my current state.
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