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Jason Brammer - Murals and Art
Jason Brammer
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Jason Brammer

Chicago, IL

“Jason Brammer is a visual artist, painter, and muralist based in Chicago, Illinois. He is known for his mixed media hand-painted assemblages, distinctive airbrushed paintings, meticulously-detailed drawings, and site-specific installations. In his mixed media work, such as that of his Axis Mundi and Time Machines series, he creates a unique melding of painted imagery with sculptural elements, such as antique parts, reclaimed wood, and salvaged materials he finds in the alleys by his studio. Described as a "magician with paint", he experiments with illusionism and trompe l'oeil. Painting 2-dimensional imagery to look folded, photographic, or otherwise 3-dimensional, Brammer then further "fools the eye" by seamlessly integrating real objects and layering paint and plaster on wood surfaces to replicate the look of aged, weathered metal. He enjoys making pieces that look like found artifacts, deteriorating archived relics, or antique “machines”, and strives to capture the feeling of glimpsing into another dimension or time.

Brammer’s art has been featured in numerous exhibitions at venues including the Hangaram Design Museum (in Seoul, South Korea), The Union League Club of Chicago, La Luz De Jesus Gallery (in Los Angeles), Linda Warren Projects (in Chicago), Firecat Projects (in Chicago), Verge Art Brooklyn, SCOPE Miami Beach, and the Harrison Center For the Arts (in Indianapolis).

Jason Brammer was born in 1974 in Lancaster, Ohio and grew up primarily in Indianapolis, Indiana.”