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Jasmine Holmes

Melbourne, Australia

"Unique, Brand-centric Murals for Businesses and Individuals"
Let’s not beat around the bush here. Working with a creative Graphic Designer has been known to be, well… not exactly Wonderland. But, what if it was. Here’s a Designer that will have it looking brilliant, the experience incredible, and the ticket price worth every cent! Me.

I’m a Designer, plucking ideas from the creative stratosphere with my feet planted in everyday client’s business and reality. I not only understand the production side of design, I’ve worked in it. What’s more, I totally ‘get’ the design challenges of small business as well as global brands like AO, Red Bull & Rolex.

I’ll be honest, I can be a perfectionist. Nothing I’m not 100% happy with goes out (within reason). If I can’t proudly put my name on it, I’m not going to expect you to either. I’m here to make you look good, communicate well, and create magic.

In about 5 minutes, I can not only answer any design process concern you have, I’ll show you why I’m the Graphic Designer for your next brand project. Tell you what, prospective client, you can click here to see a range of my most recent projects… or here to get the big picture of my 10-year design journey.
Wescover creator since 2019

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