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Janna Kumi Fine Art

Janna Kumi Fine Art

Vancouver, Canada

"I celebrate what the eye often overlooks."
Trees and their environment have been my focus for almost 50 years. As a scientist and a professional forester, I have researched and managed trees on private and provincial/federal forests for 35 years. After retirement, I earned my BFA at UBC in 2015. Since then, my art practice has evolved within formal and conceptual boundaries between abstract modernist, minimalist, and representative art. The consistency across my work, however, is my emotional response to the function, form, and patterns occurring in small, overlooked, and seemingly insignificant components of the natural world. While trees and forests continue to hold special interest, my focus now is mostly on the micro-level - on bark and wood – and its textures, colors, and the life forms that find a home on those structures. I consider myself as a tree portrait artist.

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