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Janet Ceramics

Cape Town, South Africa

"inspire people to live a life they love"
Janet Lightbody is passionate about South African people, about nature and life itself inspires her. Her childhood dream was to be an artist. It was in 2012, during a month long sabbatical away from the corporate finance world, mountain biking through the Indian Himalayas that the idea for Janet Ceramics was born … pure and simple art - that she hopes will inspire people to “live a life that they love”.
In doing so Janet and her team have used modern day technology and social media to share the stories of each specific art piece as well as the progress and development of the business and brand to inspire people to “live a life you love”.
One of the highlights of 2015 was being invited as a guest speaker to an all ladies brunch at La Borie. That morning 05/09 Janet spoke of the story of the heart shaped baking dish and the intention in it’s creation. The guests were so deeply moved, the event trended on twitter at 12:52_a first for the nationwide event, hosts Come Wine with Us #cwwu. A key turning point for the business was being awarded a grant from the National Youth Development Agency, which enabled the company to purchase it’s own kiln and an independent space for design and prototyping was established.
Janet Ceramics went on to supplying a wide range of innovative homeware stores like WW Artisan, Vendange, Angies Little Food Shop in London, interior design companies and various galleries and specialist art shops around the country.
Janet lives the core values and ethos of the brand and this translates to the feeling in her ranges. Celebrating imperfection as well as attention to the process is what has the creations stand out.
The initiative Paint your Plate has evolved into a monthly painting event hosted at alternating locations around the country. In this way Janet continues to share the magic of creativity and inspire people to live a life they love.
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