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Jane Seymour Art

Westlake Village, CA

"Art has the ability to communicate without words, as such, it is incredibly important and wonderful to have public art in our communities."
A California Colorist

Jane Seymour, Golden Globe, Emmy Award-winning actor, an OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) recipient, began painting nearly three decades ago. Prompted by a period of personal challenge, her art became the expression of a very private healing process from which she emerged as an accomplished, passionate painter. Seymour sketches and paints at her Malibu studio, on movie sets, and on her travels. She has created an intimate world of delicate watercolors and colorful vibrant oil paintings, as well as bronze sculpture.

Her love of art began at an early age in England, where family gifts were always created rather than purchased so that the true spirit of giving of one’s self was expressed. This early practice developed into a lifetime of charitable work. Seymour continues to give through her art and time to charities that help children in need including City Hearts, ChildHelp, The American Red Cross, the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation among many others, and her own Open Hearts Foundation.

Visiting museums was also a favorite family pastime. A profound early experience, which influenced Jane as a colorist, was her discovery of the Impressionists, Matisse’s stunning motifs, and Chagall’s magical palette. Her lively design studies of floral patterns were inspired by the vibrant watercolors of Raoul Dufy. The influence of these artists continues to grace her work today. Seymour remains challenged by studying the paintings of one of her most admired artists, John Singer Sargent, and painting in that tradition (the "Grand Manner") with living masters, namely Richard Schmid and his Circle.

She feels that watercolor is closer to the artist’s hand and heart than any other medium. Having commissioned Tom Mielko, the noted Santa Barbara watercolorist, to paint a portrait of her children, Seymour became motivated to begin painting with him. As a result of that experience, she continues to paint with other artists and friends during her travels and in her art studio. Inspiring others to paint, and the feeling of community and healing it creates, are abundantly rewarding to her.

A love of flower gardening has been a major part of Ms. Seymour’s life. Growing, caring for, arranging, and being surrounded by flowers have been central to her being. Art and flowers have become one in her world, and form the foundation for creative expression. Striking colorful compositions reveal an elegant world of floral beauty (Flowers in a Blue Jug, Hibiscus, Flowers in a Blue Vase) where lush, impressive bouquets stand tall and proud (You Have to Give, Floral #1, Winter Lilies, Words of Wisdom Bouquet II). The admiration of single blooms has led to her creation of many “portraits” of individual flowers, some of which have become her most popular works to date.

Inviting landscapes beckon the viewer to step into the vast, open countryside (Landscape with Three Trees, Idaho, Tree in Winter, Lake View). Quiet time is reserved for meditation and healing in the gardens of St. Catherine’s Court (The Artist in Her English Garden), and in the art of ikebana (Flowers in a Clear Vase, Flowers in a Blue and White Coffeepot), among others.

A testament of her genuine nurturing spirit and love of children is expressed in the loving portrayals of her children (Twins Looking for Bugs, Johnny Easter Eggs, Kris Cowboy, Johnny Fireman, Katie – A Splash of Life) and other’s children (Mother and Child on the Beach, Red Ribbon, Little Red Bucket, The Newborn, Peace, Ocean’s Tranquility with Mother and Child, Together Forever, Anticipation).

Since the year 2000, Ms. Seymour has exhibited in numerous galleries and venues across the nation, and Canada, and has accepted select private commissions. She has created set designs for the Houston Ballet in 2001, and a commission for the Ft. Worth - Dallas Ballet in 2003.

An inspirational trip to paint in Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France (August 2001) became Seymour’s personal tribute to the Impressionists. An elaborate series of paintings and watercolors depicting the gardens came forth from this pivotal experience. She, with her then-husband, actor/director James Keach, produced the first in a planned series of art education films on the Masters titled Journey to Impressionism, while visiting the timeless gardens.

The artist’s sold-out autobiographical and inspirational book, Remarkable Changes, was published in 2003 and has enjoyed great success, followed by a coffee table design book called Making Yourself at Home.

The artist’s first one-woman museum exhibition was mounted at the Butler Institute of American Art in conjunction with their 85th-anniversary celebration in October 2004. 2005 marked the year in which Jane Seymour was chosen as the official artist for the Naples Winter Wine Festival 2006, Naples, Florida, following the late Robert Rauschenberg. Recently, three of the dynamic colorful images from the collection were published by Coral Canyon Publishing in 2019: Trapeze Artists, Fire-Eater, and the Circus Dog!

Seymour was one of the painters selected to represent the US Team in the 2006 Winter Olympics held in Torino, Italy. Thus, the largest, most detailed, and impressive landscape of her career was painted of the mystical city of Torino, graced by the majestic snow-covered Alps, and the dove of peace flying high above the traditional red tile rooftops.

Later, in 2007 Jane was selected as one of the official artists of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics and asked to paint a beautiful Portrait of a Peony. Since then, she has been selected as an Olympian artist for the third time, as one of the official artists for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, and created an image of one of her Open Heart designs, titled Snowy Open Heart II., with the subtitle - Compete with an Open Heart.

In the past decade, the artist’s unique Open Heart designs, which were developed over a five year period through her original paintings and drawings, were translated into a highly successful, ever-expanding jewelry line by Kay Jewelers. The artist then published an accompanying inspirational book titled Open Hearts to round out the collection of art and jewelry designs. Open Hearts, which is a collection of excerpts from world literature, quotes and sayings from world leaders, and stories from everyday people, was sold out after its fourth printing and has experienced immediate success along with the jewelry line.

A follow-up tome to the very successful Open Hearts, titled Among Angels, was published in 2010, and a companion book Open Hearts Family was released in October 2012. Fourth in the series, called The Wave, was published in 2014.

The collecting of many of the Open Heart stories shared with her through the years at art shows, appearances and travels, resulted in an inspirational book titled The Road Ahead, published for Christmas, 2017, which has also enjoyed much success.

Coral Canyon Publishing, Ms. Seymour’s own art company, released a collection of fine art Open Heart bronze sculptures by the artist and introduced the editions to the fine art world in the Spring of 2009. The Open Heart Icon and the Single Open Heart designs are currently available in four different patinas (high-polish gold, burgundy, burgundy lacquer, and sandstone), and are highly collectible. Additional works of fine art traditional bronze sculpture include a Portrait Head of a Girl, Seated Nude, and a series of children’s sculptures of her twin boys, Johnny and Kris, and their little girl playmate at the time, Madeline, all finished in a traditional European patina.

To further illustrate the artist’s and her family’s commitment to the Open Heart philosophy, the Open Heart Icon Monumental fine art sculpture was born in 2012. The very first example of the seven-foot-tall bronze casting was installed in Seymour’s oceanside organic garden to commemorate her birthday of that year. This monumental sculpture boasts a hand-applied patina in earth and sea tones of browns, sepia tones, and grays, ever-changing with the time of day, rays of sunlight beaming and shining upon its flowing lines, as the fine Malibu mists caress its exquisite, elegant, and contemporary form.

The second Open Heart Icon Monumental sculpture, with a strikingly elegant high-polish gold finish, was introduced formally at the 2nd Annual Open Hearts Foundation Gala, 2012, to an exclusive array of guests attending the spectacular event at the artist’s Malibu estate. Resting on a black marble base, the sculpture is befitting of an outdoor sculpture garden reflecting all of the elements of nature, or indoor to be enjoyed as a beautiful and meaningful centerpiece of the family home. It has since been installed outdoors in Akron, Ohio gracing the corporate headquarters of Sterling Jewelers.

The third Open Heart Icon Monumental outdoor sculpture was created in 2015, and unveiled in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in the Fall of 2016, welcoming the residents and visitors of the new master-planned community called “Legacy.”

The fourth Open Heart Icon Monumental sculpture, in high-polish gold, has been created in 2018 and graces the indoor lobby of the high-rise Poydras office building in New Orleans, LA.

The fifth Open Heart Icon Monumental sculpture in sandstone patina with unique teal highlights was unveiled and installed in January 2019, as the newest addition of public art on the Bradenton Riverwalk, along the beautiful Manatee River in Bradenton, FL.

The first-ever monumental-sized Single Open Heart sculpture, in burgundy lacquer, was installed and unveiled in the lobby of the noted cardiac wing of the St. Cloud Hospital and the CentraCare Foundation in St. Cloud, MN on May 5, 2017, to everyone’s delight and continued enjoyment. The second of this design in burgundy lacquer has been installed in 2018 in a renowned private art collector’s personal outdoor sculpture garden, located in Ft. Worth, TX.

With the creation of these seven monumental Open Heart sculptures to date, a dream has become a reality, and a solid foundation has been established for the realization of a unique vision by the artist.

It is our collective wish and vision that we will assist and partner with individuals, organizations, institutions, cities and towns alike, parks, hospitals, and places of worship across the nation in placing monumental Open Heart Icon and Single Open Heart sculptures. Through this process, we aim to create an art program of great significance and magnitude to inspire people to fill their hearts with love simply by helping others – all reflected in a most tangible way.

Additionally, Seymour’s ever-growing body of work has continually been adapted to and continues to serve as inspiration for her home and fashion designs, namely a highly successful furniture collaboration with Michael Amini of AICO, a line of various home accessories, handbags, art to wear scarves, Open Heart Fragrance, the skincare line Crepe Erase, fine art mouldings and frames with Fotiou Frames, and many other successful product lines.

Ms.Seymour was born in Hillingdon, England, and currently resides in Malibu, CA.
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