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Jane Cavanough Artlandish Art and Design

Sydney, Australia

"Public Art"
Making public art is so rewarding - it is alchemy - I get to think like a poet, learn about local history, experiment with new ideas, play with materials, and vision my ideas within a brief and budget. I am in complete awe of what my team of artisan fabricators can do, when I come to them requiring new and challenging ideas and techniques. I am inspired by how they see the solutions in problem solving.

I have always preferred to make artwork for the public environment, because I want the work to have legacy, longevity and interaction. It is about people and place. I particularly enjoy the exploration as to how a narrative can be realised that resonates with the viewer, and the environment in which it is located. I am like magpie, picking up architectural and environmental references to contextualise my work. My aim is to create a seamless synergy between art and landscape and architecture.
Wescover creator since 2020

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