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Jamie Burnes

Santa Fe, NM

"sculptural reflections of the natural world created from steel and collected natural materials"
Contemporary artist James (Jamie) Burnes was born in 1973 in Boston, Massachusetts. After studying at Skidmore College in up-state New York, he has focused on large works shown and collected all over the county. His unique mix of modern materials and natural elements produces layered works that express our connection to the natural world. The pieces have the graceful lines, dynamic energy and appeal of the animals, and natural objects they represent; at the same time they show a variety of textures, forms and negative spaces. The materials used in his work are enduring, and vary from organic found objects, to hand formed steel. This unique vision of abstraction and representation draws the viewer closer for reflection of the materials, space and subject. Sharing time between studios in both Massachusetts and New Mexico allows for the sculpture to speak to a much broader audience and for the artist to draw from contrasting landscapes.
Wescover creator since 2020

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