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Jaimie Belew

San Francisco, CA

A San Francisco Bay Area Native, with nearly 15 years of experience in Interior Design, Jaimie Belew has laid a solid foundation and has built the framework for her career in the great world of Interiors. Jaimie works personally with every client to create exquisite, creative and practical designs. Jaimie’s portfolio includes both residential and commercial projects. She customizes her designs to satisfy the needs of her clients while interpreting each project through her unique personal lens.

Jaimie Belew was introduced to the arts at a young age. Her mother, a TWA flight attendant, took Jaimie to Paris at 9 years old where her eyes were opened to a breadth of classical architecture. Jaimie’s father also supported her creative interests as he has architectural training and a passion for photography work. Her parents focused their weekend outings towards education of the arts and culture. Creative stimulation fostered her interest and informed her future. After graduating from a renowned Interior Design program at Arizona State University, Jaimie Belew began to explore more of Europe and immersed herself in its cultures. Mentored by some of the most prominent San Francisco interior designers, Jaimie’s time with them fueled her ambition and furthered her knowledge of the industry. She has now traveled extensively and her love for culture is an undeniable influence to her style. “The authenticity of culture pulls me in. I love to delve into design elements that have a story to tell. Whether it’s the architecture, art, fashion, that’s what fuels my design and enriches my life. The integration of the past with today and our technological future, is what inspires me”

Jaimie’s design sensibility spans through multiple eras allowing her to create designs that are traditional, modern, and contemporary to meet the needs of her diverse clientele. With a great love for antiques and vintage pieces, her work exhibits examples of how she comfortably mixes together the old with the new with the fluidity of her visual language. This enables her to create custom pieces to harmonize a space or concept.

Participating in numerous San Francisco Decorator Showcases over the years, Jaimie had a chance to push the envelope and work outside the parameters of client needs to truly express her creativity. Jaimie is consistently involved in her community and has volunteered in philanthropic projects including the Ronald Mc Donald House where her team created a sanctuary space for people who were in need. Jaimie is embarking on the next stage of her career with great momentum and excitement for what’s to come.
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