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Jaimee Paul

Seaforth, Australia

"Animal portrait artist creating #ArtForPurpose"
New Zealand born, Sydney based Artist, Jaimee Paul‘s main subject matter is animals. Both large and small inspired by her personal interactions as a child and overseas travels; ‘they have such personality, they’re so complex and everyone is so different. I try to uncover their spirit… If only they could talk!’

Art has the power to evoke emotions from audiences not usually partial to stare inside the eyes and soul of a furry being. Fostering personal connections between human viewer and animal subject – “I hope to create Art For Purpose leading to positive changes in today’s global climate.”

She is also known for her portraiture and she enjoys working with all mediums from watercolour to oils, always with a touch of realism. Favouring black and white, Jaimee’s illustrations are sensitive and have an uncanny likeness to her subjects.

An exhibiting artist at Melbourne’s inaugural The Other Art Fair Jaimee has taught art classes on Sydney’s Northern Beaches since 2011 and is represented by The Drawing Arm as an illustrator. She was awarded the Royal Doulton and UNSW Art & Design Award in 2014. Her artworks and commissioned pieces are hung in private collections worldwide. In 2016 she graduated with a Bachelor of Design from UNSW Art & Design.

See Jaimee’s work at: Sydney Road Gallery, Seaforth, Sydney. Or visit her studio: La Creme Creative Inc, Brookvale, Sydney.
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