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Jaime Blomquist Interiors

Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Harmonizing Architecture + Interiors"
Jaime Blomquist is a licensed interior designer with a comprehensive knowledge of all facets of interior design. Her mastery extends beyond beautiful furnishings and fabrics to include a full grasp of architectural plans that include structural, lighting, electrical and plumbing, innovative and effective space planning and the capacity to integrate thoughtful architectural details into her rooms—ones that both embrace modern sensibilities and pay homage to bygone eras. Jaime seeks to not only create interiors and exteriors that are aesthetically pleasing and functional, but also to manifest spaces that reflect and define her clients’ personas. As she facilitates bringing her clients’ visions to fruition, she repeatedly surpasses initial expectations. Jaime is an expert at taking the formidable “blank canvas” and breathing life into a space, revealing its truest potential. Jaime Blomquist Interiors is fluent in the language of construction. We “translate” the vernacular, which includes important; yet sometimes complex; terms, including but not limited to: “reflected ceiling plan”, “electrical plan”, “cut section” and “elevations”. We provide a strategic, detailed physical roadmap of your project, and verbally communicate all aspects to you during its progression—thus preventing any unwanted surprises and ensuring the fulfillment of your expectations. We remain a constant hands-on presence throughout every stage of your project’s execution. We will be there to make sure no detail is overlooked and make certain that your design drawings are executed to plan by your architect and builder.
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