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Jack Zajac - Sculptures and Art
Jack Zajac
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Jack Zajac

Santa Cruz, CA

"Is a Californian West Coast artist who has been concerned with the “Romantic Surrealist tradition”.

Jack Zajac is an American artist who was born December 13, 1929 in Youngstown, Ohio. In 1946, his family moved to southern California. After he graduated from high school, he got a job at Kaiser Steel Mill. This employment helped finance his study of art at Scripps College in Claremont, California from 1949 to 1953. Though Zajac studied art with Millard Sheets at Scripps College, and was a member of the art community that developed in Claremont, California during the mid-20th century, he was admitted as a special, non-degree seeking student. The reason that he was not admitted as a regular student was because Scripps College was then, and remains today, a women's college."

”To have a message or an emotional stimulation soaked up by an uncertainty of the Artist’s tool — color — shape — form — which are the punctuation of his message, is a discouraging thing. This is the kind of anemia I’m trying to eliminate.”