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Jabi "Corte" Landa-Blanco

Pamplona, Spain

"I try to bring my ideas to the walls, to push others ideas when they see it."
I work as a freelancer in several art sectors sectors such as decoration, fine arts and wall art. I was born in Pamplona (Spain) the 18 th of March 1984, I’ve lived in Spain (Huarte and Vitoria) and Germany (Göttingen,
Bremen and Rheinberg).

My work evolved to a crossing art of graphic design, graffiti and fine arts. This fusion gave birth to the artist Corte, and under this name, I continue developing my craft in those three ways of expression in my commissioned works and personal art: the wall, the canvas and the screen.

In the year 2004 I started to organise Cantamañanas International Urban Art Festival in my hometown, becoming the longest graffiti festival still alive in Spain with 16 editions and counting... As I was living in Germany, in 2007, I met the MAP collective based in Rheinberg, and we started to organise many
graffiti projects, developing different structures directed to social and cultural & youth
exchange. Since then, I have travelled to different european countries to graffiti and urban art festivals, art
shows and other cultural projects.

I keep my eyes open, my feet moving as my hands are busy and my brain working... always trying to balance a fully life with constant creative evolution.

Hope to see you on the streets, Internet or galleries.
Wescover creator since 2020

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