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Island Stone

Santa Cruz, CA

"Tile set in adventure."
Anchored in the wanderlust of exploration, culture, & design, Island Stone creates products honoring this spirit of discovery. We set our foundations in stone and continue to evolve our creative use of natural & timeless materials.

Misty rainforests, volcanic mountains, ancient temples and wild jungles are surrounded by a lapping turquoise sea that is home to one of the most famous surf destinations on the planet. The awe-inspiring nature of Bali, Indonesia, beckoned Nigel Eaton and Malcolm Fraser to its adventurous shores in the 1990s. It was there that the founders of Island Stone created the first mesh-mounted pebble tile and built a company that continues to design, engineer, and share the best tile with architects and designers around the world, inspiring people to envision and enhance spaces for any mood. This is the story of how a group of friends created the perfect pebble and built a global tile company founded on the adventure and fueled by respect, smart work, and a relentless spirit.

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