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Isabelle Ewing - Murals and Street Murals

Isabelle Ewing

Brooklyn, NY

"Artist based in Brooklyn, New York"
Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Isabelle Ewing is a classically trained visual artist and designer currently based in Brooklyn, New York. After finishing her studies at Savannah College of Art and Design, Ewing developed a powerful body of work including illustration, sculpture, and paintings. Her creative passion eventually led Ewing to split her time from the art studio and to a new creative canvas, the city walls.

When fostering a street art alias, Ewing found inspiration from the love of painting eyes and her initials, IKE, which playfully became the acronym “I know Everything”, ultimately birthing the moniker “Eye Know.”

Whether she’s wheat-pasting her latest creation or spray-painting a mural, Ewing realized the streets reached a broader audience, sparking conversations and igniting inspiration to onlookers. Her large-scale works encompass striking female portraiture filled with vibrant colors and tones to symbolize all races with the underlying message of human interconnectedness. You can find Ewing’s murals internationally spanning from New York, Miami, and Berlin with the aspiration to enrich more viewers across the globe.
Wescover creator since 2019

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