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“When I started painting, it was instinctive. Transcribe on canvas or paper the emotions that crossed me. Such a disconnection from reality when painting that these curves could not be abstract.
Asemic, as automatic, this writing cannot be devoid of meaning. I then understood that I was painting the world around me. The universality that connects everything, as they depend and influence each other. This place to find and accept so that everything flourishes.

My calligraphies are arranged in relation to each other like all the parts that make up our universe. In the proper sense but also in the most intimate sense of our being; Sometimes they do not intersect, at other times they collide, constrain or unite, mix so that chaos can emerge harmony ”.

Grenoblois of origin, ink4rt begins to touch graffiti towards the end of the 90s. Under various pseudonyms, the lettering is expressed more by the drawing than with the bomb… for him, the beginnings of the “writting”… to write his name. On a notebook, a door, a wall, at school, at work, on the street ... again, again and always ...
His style evolved over the years and in the mid-2000s, he devoted himself solely to digital under the name of Ink'art. Later he will swap the "a" for a "4", a memory of this digital period.
Although digital illustrations occupy the majority of his time during this period, he always has a pencil or marker at hand to draw or tag. A few years ago he turned to lettering and very quickly, it was calligraffiti that imposed itself on him, a crude mixture of graffiti and calligraphy.
The origins of calligraphy, its techniques and the multiple tools that can be used to implement it appealed to him. Its diversity and the creativity it imposes make it an art which is a real emulation for the spirit exalted by the codes broken by graffiti.
His calligraphies seem to have oriental or Hebrew inspirations, however they are closely linked to the Latin and Asian alphabets. Self-taught, his lines are inspired and tend to express themselves with the flows they generate.
The desire for space and large volumes leads him to let his curves wander on the walls of his city and around. Abandoned places, brownfield sites are today places he particularly likes for their atmosphere.
The paper, the canvas or the wall? The choice would not be simple ... The grain of the canvas gives a real pleasure to work with it. The texture of the wall is often more random and sometimes the brushes do not like it! However, it offers the volume to express itself fully and a real feeling of freedom, even more when it is outdoors.
These three supports feed on each other and allow them to express themselves in different ways, to have access to a wider range of tools and to work on calligraphy in all its diversity.

In the digital age, emails and impersonal exchanges, he likes to think that calligraphy and the art of beautiful letters bring us closer to each other. What a pleasure to feel the emotions of a handwritten letter.
Wescover creator since 2019

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