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Salzburg, Austria

Illunis was born near Salzburg in the Austrian countryside. Not being exposed to an urban environment her interest in art got sparked by historical culture rather than contemporary influences. Her love for painting, drawing and typography was therefore mainly shaped by the admiration for the art of old masters as well as the fascination of secret medieval codes and runes. Some of her earliest drawings are experiments to combine realism with antique lettering; something she would take up again many years later.

Having discovered her passion for visual art from a very early age she also found herself excited to learn more about different lifestyles and activities as a teenager and her focus on painting began to fade a bit. Following the years after she left school she enjoyed the freedom of dabbling in anything she felt interested in and spent her time travelling, designing and seweing clothes, busking as a bellydancer, doing illustration work and graphic design, training as a meditation teacher and hypnotist and building a career as a yoga instructor.

It was only in 2016 when she came into contact with street art while she was living in Vienna. Having grown up close to nature Illunis always felt overwhelmed by the lifeless urban landscape and had made it her personal quest to disrupt the greyness with anything she could come up with; be it dancing in the streets or inviting strangers to get hypnotized. Street art seemed like a logical addition.

Starting out by timidly spraying stencils on street corners before evolving to larger pieces on public walls she quickly discovered that street art was much more of a challenge to her than she had expected. That the inherent impermanence of public art was teaching her to give it her best and then let it go completetly, as nothing can ever be expected to remain. It was teaching her to view creating art only ever as about the process itself instead of being about a lasting result. It became her new favorite form of meditation and self-reflection and she began to focus on visual art again.

Over the last few years her style of painting evolved and, influenced by graffiti culture, became more letter-based. With calligraffiti, the fusion of calligraphy with graffiti, she is able to explore her love for old scripts and hidden messages and sometimes she is combining it with a realistic style of painting. Her goal is to create ornamental images that can be viewed simply as pleasant patterns but can also be read and interepreted by an interested viewer.

Today Illunis is living in the countryside again, surrounded by rivers and mountains rather than concrete. Whenever she is painting she is trying her best to transfer her love of the beauty and harmony of the nature surrounding her onto the canvas or wall to hopefully making someone's day a little more colorful and interesting.
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